Engaging with the School Community

The Birkenhead Primary School PTA exists to create memorable experiences for our children while delivering essential fundraising to our school.

The PTA’s current purpose is to financially support our school’s ‘NEEDS’ (to offset donation underfunding).

The PTA’s aim for the future is to financially support our school’s ‘WANTS’.

The PTA's goal is "more people doing less". We encourage you to muck in, have fun and meet other parents. Our amazing events not only serve as fundraisers, but as community builders. Actively supporting these events, not only sets a great example to our children but illustrates collaboration in action. We also work closely with the school's Board, Principal and staff to support the great work that goes on, and to strive for new successes.

Calendar of Events

We have developed a planned and team-driven approach for our annual Calendar of Events and most of these fundraising activities are agreed in advance at our AGM. This enables volunteers to plan for events well in advance, highlighting our respect for volunteer time and intention to maximise funds raised through sponsorship.

Who are we?

Lisa Warner (Secretary), Tricia Tan, Rachel Sullivan (Treasurer), Svetlana Reshanova, Ben VaughanSusie Cleland, Ruth Honore, Louise Delamare, Mirela Lapuste (Teacher rep), Franceska Dobler, Andrew Bowie (Chairman)Dan Larsen, Aimee Anderson, Lucie Piper, Victoria Meys, Rebecca Alley, Erynn Hughes

New Fundraising Ideas?

Do you have a fundraising idea/initiative that you'd like to bring to life? Please click here to complete an online form and include details on how you can support your idea, as volunteers are our most limited resource.


To check out some of the cool things that have been bought for our school and children from our fundraising initiatives click here.

You are the PTA’s most valuable asset

Everyone in our community has something to offer. Without a lot of people adding a little bit of value the PTA is incapable of carrying out plans for the year and ultimately incapable of providing support to our fabulous school.

We always welcome new members to the PTA so come along to our next meeting (review calendar for dates) or you can simply become a Friend of the PTA, helping out on specific events and activities.

Let’s work together and achieve great things for our school from today and into the future.